Who is the Biggest Threat to Fraser

    Mat Fraser has a threat.... what is it?

    Mat Fraser will be looking to make history by becoming the 5 time winner of the Crossfit Games. he has one main factor leaning against him, actually two, age and Glassman.

    Glassman said it himself, he doesn't want the same guys winning the games again and again. He values national champions more than he values Crossfit Games winners, he is trying to stir up his pot and  loves his job too much to disagree with any choices made by HQ.

    So yes I think Glassman will try and screw the system even more this year. However all that did for Fraser was allow him to won 2 sanctionals, the open and his country. I don't think Fraser is too worried about the Open this year, I think he wants to qualify top 20 but that is all. I think his new training mate in Tia Toomey and new coach Shane will simply be saying get through qualify and then lets train.

    Age well i just say that because he is getting older and I wanted to be controversial.

    Craig Richey thinks this guy is the biggest threat.

    Harry Gibson

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