What I have learnt from the now Grain brain diet

    We tried to get rid of our grain brain and this is what happened

    Well for one we had no idea what to eat, I mean I didn't know where to look. So at first we ate a lot of patatoes but then we realised we aren't allowed these either so we got serious really quickly.

    We stopped eating everything that grows underground, we continued to skip breakfast, drank a lot of water and tried as hard as we could not to break. So far we haven't well one of us had a vegan choclate brownie, I mean does that even count?

    So we found a list called 'Nerd Fitness shopping guide' -

    Stuck it on the fridge and basically went from there. We do have some serioulsy Bouji chicpeas that we can't quite give up but other than that we are pretty well behvaed. Oh! I forgot we lalow ourselves some Raw chocolate pie every other day, which I highly recommned beacsue it is healthly (I think) and it is the best thing you will ever taste period. I mean look at it!

    Any way my point.. Apologies I got lost in chocolate.

    It isn't that hard when no shops, cafes aren't open. I feel like a duracel battery, first few days I had so much energy I couldn't sleep, I don't crash in the afternoon.

    Sugar and carbs are basically as addictive as cigarettes, I am not sure why we all have a problme admitting that. I have a more defined six pack and I am not stiff on the mornings.

    It also removes the fug that hangs over you when you eat carbohydrtaes and sugar. I mean that I really do. I can concentrate for hours on ready I rarely feel tired, for the sake of full disclousre, sometimes of course I do however significanlty less and when it does occure only momentrily. If you are skipping breakfast you definetly need to eat more than you would previoulsy.

    People over complicate things, just eat like this - some fat, little carbs, more protien. Don't worry at first too much about how much, just feek sastified. Get used to not feeling full, it is a weird one but once you have a handfull of veg and some meat or fish you are basically full. The rest is just addiction.

    That is waht I think anyway and I can certainly see why grain is killing people.

    Try it for two weeks what is the worst that can happen?

    Harry Gibson

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