Thrasher Friday 2nd August 2019

    Thrasher Friday workout 9

    75 minutes of exercise with breaks. Thrash yourself before the weekend.

    In a show of respect to affiliates and the Games -

    4 rounds for time

    4 rounds:
    400-m run
    3 legless rope climbs
    7 squat snatches (130 | 185 lb.)

    Time cap: 20 minutes

    If you fail to complete spend the rest of your time streching and pratciing form fo all the lifts. For the last 20 mintues establish a max Clean and Jerk

    If you Complete

    800-m row
    66 KB jerks (12 | 16 kg)
    132-ft. handstand walk

    Time cap: 10 minutes

    Once done practice hand stand holds and stretch. For the final 20 minutes establish a max Clean and Jerk.

    Harry Gibson

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