The Gladiator Diet?

    Sara Sigmundsdóttir changed to a Plant based diet

    There are some serious arguments out there... This guy is huge

    Five general myths:

    1. Myth 1: There is no proof that a WFPB diet is healthier than other diets.
    2. Myth 2: I won’t get enough protein on a WFPB diet.
    3. Myth 2: WFPB diet is not as tasty.
    4. Myth 4: Plant-based diets are high in carbs.
    5. Myth 5: Eating a plant-based diet will leave you hungry all the time.

    We watched the film... Were we inspired yes.

    But then we watched this.... with Joe Rogan and we are not sure how well they (when i say 'they' I refer to Vegans, sue me!)

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