Strength in Depth - a review

    As the sanctional season starts to pick up pace we take a look at why Strength in Depth might be set to become the cream on the top...

    There are an array of sanctionals out there now.

    Some are getting it all right. Programming, athletes in attendance and original events.

    With new events like the Mayhem Classic, hosted by Rich Froning, the competition to be a good competition is warming up... (that was a bit of a pun?)

    SID has historically attracted an array of  high calibre athletes’ and this year is no exception. Bringing the likes of Mat Fraser and Mayhem Freedom to the floor.

    It is almost easier for these athletes’ to stay in their own countries or travel to Dubai where they are pretty much guaranteed a huge payday. Only problem with that is the events there tend to break people and bring in movements that un heard of in the box.

    So SID, along with others like the Rogue invitational, is forging ahead. They are creating original events’ that the public want to watch; you only need look at how quickly their tickets sell out, and attracting the ‘right’ athletes’.

    The new Format of the season has allowed athletes’ to choose how they train, plan their year in more detail, become full time athletes’, get bigger exposure, thus bigger sponsorship deals. Athletes’ therefore want to compete at the events that tick all the boxes, they aren’t going to push their body into disrepair, they are going to get the correct amount of exposure, test their true fitness and get the exposure they deserve, keeping sponsors and fans a like happy.

    SID 2020 offers some really good tests, with some really exciting stuff thrown in…  I mean for me Event 1 the 6km lap run is pretty interesting but that is just me. It does have a 40-minute time cap which ultimately means it is fast… Not sold? Okay then the outdoor rowing Event  3, that is pretty exciting. There is very little information given away but it seems that the Lean Machines and Zac George went to do some on water training. Q Video....

    Here is the link to all their events - Click here

    SID have not done anything too radical to scare athletes’ off, they have a 21-15-9 event in there involving ski cals, bar facing burpees, and Overhead squats. You don’t want to blink in that one.

    So what can we learn from them – keep it simple, chuck in something exciting and different to watch, don’t scare off athletes’ and be sure to be organised.

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    Harry Gibson

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