OMG Rich Vs. Mat

    Or is it just too good to be true?

    I mean it is. I am going to reason with you straight up. It has become apparent very quickly that Rich ain't going against Mat beacse he is loyal to his Team. Chest bump praise bruv!

    However how good would it be for them to go head to head. I am almost tempted to sponsor a poll, specifically targetted at the Crossfit community to see whether it would persuade them. i like the idea of the Ranch and I like the format of the new Games. Think it is cool and you will get the fittest there. they have a lot of potential to make it industrial/old scholl sheek! Would it be a true testing ground I don't know but people didn't like last years, howeve ryou couldn't argue with the two victors

    Here is what Craig Richey has to say about it:

    Harry Gibson

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