Mush a Review

    The pre packaged over night oat craze it kicking off but is it worth it

    If you are as aware of subtle product placement as us then you'd have noticed that in the below video Noah Olsen plugged Mush. The new nifty packet of soaked oats that you simply keep in your fridge.

    The question really is; is it better to make your own at home. Oh and of course how good do they taste, how good are they for you etc. I am not going to allow you to waste extraordinary amounts of time reading this review to get an answer. So in summary - make them at home yourself it is cheaper and better for your mental health (a sense of achievement).

    You can use anything, oat milk, almond milk, flavoured yorgurt, kefir etc. The basic instructions are as follows put a cup of coats in a bowl, then soak them with chosen liquid overnight in the fidge or outside it. Wake up and enjoy soak according to how you like the texture, add chia seed and protien to make it even more of a boost.

    So now you have an explanation of how to make your own but lets get down to the product itself.


    Cool package, saves time and great for when you are in a rush to class first thing or last thing. Half a cup of oats (78grams) gives you 51 grams of carbs, 13 grams of protien, 5 grams of fat, 8 grams of fiber. 303 calories in total. So depending on you marcos not to bad, plus a couple of Frans later all those calrories will be gone.

    The major benfit of oats that I have always been a fan of is they have been proven to reduce cholesterol, reduces blood sugar and helps reduce fatigue. So all round not that bad considering.

    Mush Oats come in a variety of flavours which might not be readily avliable at home such as coffee and coconut cream. Two in one there really. They taste great to and are easy to put down, you don't  rally need to chew. Just swallow. Good way to control portions to.

    So in short - tastes great you should buy some. Hard to get in the UK, try these guys they can get some pretty cool and unusual stuff.

    Try it at home first though.

    Harry Gibson

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