Jacob Heppner trains and eats

    Jacob Heppner takes us through a full day of eating and training

    Jacob Heppner, as well as being a prolific Crossfit trainer is a prolific Vlogger. One of our most favourites recent videos is his - Full Day of Games Traing & Eating

    Here are his workouts to save you all pausing and writing them down:

    1. 2 Rounds of 5min AMRAP 75 cal row, AMRAP Ski cals with cals left - 1 min Rest
    2. 5 Min AMRAP 75 cal row, Ski cals in time left - 1 min rest
    3. 5 Min AMRAP 75 Cal ski, Bike cals remaining time - 1 min rest
    4. 5 Min AMRAP 75 Cal Bike, Row Cals with time left - 3 min rest

    The above is all one session, at 7am. Session 2 is at 11am

    With a 7 min time cap

    100 DU's, 30 Thursters @ 75lbs, 100 DU's, 25 Thrusters at 95lbs, 100 DU's, 25 thrusters @115lbs

    Then 30 squat clean Thrusters with a 150lb Sandbag

    Session 3 at 3pm

    Warm up - Hurdle Jumps and Box jumps

    Then 5x1 Snatch Balances, 6 tempo full snatch Building weight

    Session 4 at 6pm

    Front Squat 5x1 - Working towards heavy for the day which was 335lbs

    Then using a bet squat machine (which none of us have)

    drop sets, 3 rounds 15 squats drop 30 lbs, 12 squats drop 30lbs, 10 squats -rest 3 minutes between rounds.

    Then 4 rounds for time of - 20 T2B, 10 BFB, 5 full snatch @ 185lb's

    Harry Gibson

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