Eat like a Champion

    Team Richey shows us how the champions eat breakfast

    A lot more simple than you think to eat a breakfast like some of the best performing athletes out there. Cole Sager has been eating this or some variation of this for the last 2 years.

    Turns out that Jocob hepner also likes to eat a scramble of just about everything good for you, as documented by Team Richey -

    I always find it extraordinary how many views diet videos get. It is pretty easy you just need to eat 3 meals a day, never eat it if it is in a wrapper, never touch sugar. That is it really.

    Anyway if you want to make it this is how.

    Grap a pan, chuck some oil in, fry up some thinly sliced sweet potatoes, chuck in some ground beef or sasuage mince, make sure it cooks through, should take 10 mins on a low heat, chuck in your slaw or just finely sliced brocoli, wait a bit then chuck the eggs. We all know what it looks like when it is cooked.

    Best served with coffee...

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    Harry Gibson

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