CrossFit Mayhem Athelete tests positive

    Elly Kabbord from CrossFit Mayhem has tested postive

    Kabbord has tested positive for taking PED's. The test was taken at the CrossFit Reyjavik sanctionals and after the Rogue Invatationals was when Elly recived the news.

    She tested postive for Clenbuterol, which is the same substance as the Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez got banned  for 6 months for taking. It is used as a weightloss substance that ensures you don't loose muscle. Makes sense that boxers would take it, however not sure the benefits to a Crossfitter of taking this, also commonly used for people who suffer from asthma.

    Big respect for her though, she has instanly spoken out on the Mayhem podcast here are the details from her:

    If she is guilty she is guilty, however it shows the detail that CrossFit HQ are going to.... No bad think.

    Harry Gibson

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