Covid 19 and Crossfit

    Is it controversial that if we were a healthier world we could have prepared better?

    Everyone who starts Crossfit, just goes for it full hog, but after a while of feeling stiff and gassing out early in workouts you start to loo at the bigger picture. Now whether you are in the UK or the USA at some point you are going to come across two things.

    1, Crossfit Health

    2, Greg Glassman

    If you are anything like me you will pretend to be interested but too lazy to read the literature, listen to the mumblings about how he (he be Greg Glassman) is a bit ecentric (as we coin it this side of the pond). Then maybe you will look at two things, this is what I looked at anyway. This prymiad

    You will think to yourself: hmmm. Then you will probably go back to rewarding yourself with pizza when you do a run. At some point though you will go on youtube and get lost in the depth of Crossfit related videos - Shout out to Team Richey and Armen Hammer at this point. Both decet hard working crossfit Vloggers, who bring an element of news and commentary that every 'new' sport deserves.

    After this though at some point I almost assure you this video will come up

    You might watch the whole way through, if you do, I dare say you will ignore it for yourself but go on cussing all the fat kids, which is an odd idea.

    My point - you cry WTF is it.

    This is my point, my point is that is you look at Crossfit, if you look at Crossfit in 100 words, if you pretend to be surprised that they got rid of all media etc. it means you weren't concentrating hard enough at the beginning.

    Now that you are at the end you can safely say that if we were all healthier and there are not enough stats yet for me to declare this as truth, thtaa perhaps we would be able to aprroach this pandemic better. We are quite literally allowing nature to stab us back, beacuse we have become lazy in what we eat and the way we behave. So cut eating the crap and start lifting some weights as it means the bigs guys aren't winning and you are. I end with this:

    Harry Gibson

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