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    In my opnion there are two types of youtubers... When it comes to Crossfit

    1, There is your Youtuber who gives you the clips you want to see, the behind the scenes stuff, the intamate moments.

    2, Is the one who gives you the news.

    I am not biased to either but I am biased to who the best are out there.

    1. is definetly without fail Craig Richey. His content is consistent, he gets the best behind the scenes stuff and he travels out there he gets to know them and he brings an element of human to every athelete. I thought that Buttery Bros would bring an element of competition but they are over sponsored and use too many gimmicks. Trying to create a surfer typer attitude to crossfit. Eat what you want train how you want, don't get it personally.
    2. is for me and this took a while Armen Hammer. His knowledge is second to none. He made it rain with the Brent vs Hunter interview (best line 'do your f**cking job'). He consistenly brings gets the answers we are craving for from atheletes and has recognised the need for a consistent news form.

    Crossfit HQ fed us the news, they fed us the content for years. They creating infamous presenters. Giving them plenty of oppurtunity to start their own stuff. they all got sacked complained about it for too long. Were bitter in their delivery and as a resuly have started producing subpar content. they rested on their laurels. Hate to say it but it is true.

    Just check this interview out and try tell me you don't get it!

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